iPhone Fitness Apps

iPhone Fitness Apps

There are many free and paid iPhone Fitness Apps available in the iPone App Store. If you are really serious about your health and fitness, then it will not be foolish to purchase one premium app from the online app store. It will help you in making your running, gym exercises, eating habits a much more pleasurable experience. You can also do some exercises at your home.

Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Here is a list of Best iPhone Fitness Apps, you can check out. We have prepared a list of Top 5 iPhone Fitness Apps here.

  • App 1: CrunchFu
  • If you need 6 pack, then this app is useful for you. You can compare your progress with others online through this app.

    Price: $0.99

    App Size: 2.8 MB

    CrunchFu - iPhone Fitness App

  • App 2: Lose It
  • This app mantains records of food calories you have eaten and how much exercises you need to burn these calories.

    Price: Free

    App Size: 9.7 MB

    Lose It - iPhone Fitness App

  • App 3: GymGoal ABC
  • It contains animations, images, step by step instructions and performance tips for your daily workout. It features 280 exercises.

    Price: $0.99

    App Size: 34.4 MB

    GymGoal ABC - iPhone Fitness App

  • App 4: RunKeeper Pro
  • This app tracks how far you went, how long it took, what your speed was, how many calories you burned using the iPhone’s GPS.

    Price: Free

    App Size: 8.7 MB

    Runkeeper Pro - iPhone Fitness App

  • App 5: Fitness Pro
  • This app has 450+ exercises with detailed photos of the the workout and you can check also your progress.

    Price: Free

    App Size: 11.1 MB

    Fitness-Pro - iPhone Fitness App

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