How to secure your Computer

How to secure your Computer (PC) from internet threats

If you are connected to the internet, your PC is at risk. You might not even know it, but hackers probably have access to the data on your computer if you have been lax with its security. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend “protection money” to ensure that your computer is safe. Free software will do a fine job of keeping your machine safe from the evils of Cyberia.

Get an antivirus

When it comes to antivirus programs, the impression is that paid versions are always better. Not true. Paid antiviruses have more features – like sandboxing (to isolate the web browser) or anti-spam (to filter emails) – but the detection engine for virus scanning and real-time protection is more or less similar.



Install a firewall

Software firewall will not stop a skilled hacker, but it still plays an important role in securing your PC. A firewall gives you the power to decide which programs or services on your computer can access the internet and in what way.


Vaccinate your pen drives
Pen drives, often used on different computers, are the primary source of virus infections on home PCs. But of course, you cannot stop using a pen drive for that reason. The solution is a digital vaccine.


Take care of pesky spies

Even the best antivirus programs are sometimes unable to detect spyware – tiny programs that get installed on your PC without your permission to collect information about you, and serve you annoying pop-up ads.


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