How to Unblock Everything on the Internet by Ankit Fadia

How to Unblock Everything on the Internet by Ankit Fadia

He thinks like a criminal, the underworld doesn’t like him and idealists feel he’s a bad guy. All of 26, India’s top-notch ethical hacker Ankit Fadia is in Bangalore on Wednesday to launch his latest book – “How to Unblock Everything on the Internet”. Even as governments and top cops salute Ankit’s work, this ethical hacker is excited that his father is reading his book. That’s because he didn’t read any of the 14 previous ones Ankit wrote. This one, concedes the whiz kid, is specifically for non-technical people.

how to unblock everything on the internet by ankit fadia
How To Unblock Everything On The Internet

Author : Ankit Fadia

ISBN : 9325956612

Publisher : Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Printed Price : Rs. 150.00

Discounted Price : Rs. 113.00

You Save (%) : Rs. 37 (25%)

Shipping : Free in India (Cash on Delivery [COD])

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Ankit Fadia – How to Unblock Everything on the Internet

At 14, he wrote the ‘Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking'; at 16, he cracked and encrypted email sent by the Al-Qaida terrorist network for a classified intelligence agency; at 26, he is known all over the world over as a computer security expert and cyber terrorism guru with 45 awards to his credit. So much in so little time.

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