Increase Internet Speed Free

Increase Internet Speed Free

Generally when we buy a new broadband internet connection or a dial-up connection, it is fast initially. But after some months, it will become slower. But you have the same ISP, same plan, same PC and also you are paying same as before. This problem was faced by everyone who is using internet regularly. So where is the problem ? We are going to dicuss the factors making internet speed slower and how to increase internet speed free.

  • Delete Unnecessary Files
  • Check your My Documents and Desktop, you will find many unnecessary files which were never used. Thus delete these old unnecessary files. By this way check also other drives and mainly make your C drive free. It will speed up your PC performance and also browser loading speed.

  • Remove Unused Programs
  • There are some softwares and toolbars which are automatically installed which were never used by us. Some are automatically initialised with the start of the computer. It will make PC performance and internet speed slower. Thus remove these unused programs by going to Control Panel.

  • Do Disk Defragmentation
  • When we have used our computer for a long time without reformatting it, the process of installing new programs, saving files and documents on our computer will make computer break the files into blocks and create them in different locations which will always take our computer a great deal to locate. This can also make our broadband internet become slow in speed.

    To make things appear normal again, run Disk Defragmenter. You can do this by opening ‘My computer’, right clicking on the hard disk volume you want to defragment and clicking ‘Properties’, then on the ‘Tools’ tab click ‘Defragment Now’, then click ‘Defragment Disk’.

  • Use Antivirus & Internet Security
  • To prevent our PC from virus attack, we have to use AntiVirus. There are many free and paid antiviruses available in web and market also e.g. Quick Heal, AVG, Avast etc. You have to download them from web and update virus database regularly.

    You should use Internet Security to prevent data theft, phishing attacks. But you have to buy internet security. Because Internet Security softwares available in web are trial versions. After trial period, you have to buy it.

  • Increase PC Memory
  • Your computer has a great hard disk space, that does not mean that your broadband internet or your computer itself will be superfast. The number one factor that can guarantee how fast your computer will be the size of RAM or main memory. RAM or Random Access Memory is a very important part of computer. Every operation that goes on your system is processed on it.

    If your system’s RAM memory is too small, it will take a long period of time fto run your programs and cause your computer become slower and this will affect your broadband internet connection also.

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