Dhuan Dhuan Sanjabele song from ‘Jogi’ film by Humane Sagar

Dhuan Dhuan Sanjabele song from ‘Jogi’ film in the voice of Humane Sagar released by Odia ENews online. Hara Rath will play the Jogi’s role in the movie.

Song – Dhuan Dhuan Sanjabele
Singer – Humane Sagar
Music Director – Deepak Kumar
Lyrics – Unknown
Starring – Hara Rath and others

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Movie – Jogi
Director – Niranjan Behera
Producer – Sridhar Martha

The song ‘Dhuan Dhuan Sanjabele’ is a beautiful number, sung by Humane Sagar, composed by Deepak Kumar and written by unknown.

Watch Dhuan Dhuan Sanjabele song making video here.

Humane Sagar song from Jogi

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