First 7D theatre in Bhubaneswar

Where to go?
Amazing 7D Rider Cinema at Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar. (infront of BMC mall/INOX/Bhawani Mall)
Ticket Price?
Rs 100 on Weekdays and Rs 120 on Weekends.
Theatre Stats?
16 seats.
10-15 minute movies.
12-14 screenings a day.
Where else?
India – Kolkata.
Abroad – Singapore, France, Thailand, Mexico, Hong Kong and South Korea.
What is 7D?
An entertainment presentation system in which films are shot in 3D and are combined with physical effects. These include simulated effects of wind, rain, lightning, aroma and fire.
Opening date?
28 April 2013
Amazing 7D Rider Cinema
The movie experience is set to change for viewers. The line between reel and real will get blurred with the city set to get its first 7D theatre – Amazing 7D Rider Cinema.

Movie with titles such as Rescue, Prehistoric Adventure, Roller Coaster, Ice Fighter, Predator Attack, Haunted House Hard, Deep Sea Track, Path Finder Snow and Pirates will be shown when the theatre opens on April 28.

The new Saheed Nagar theatre will combine the magic of 3D with simulated physical effects of wind, lightning, rain, snow, fog, bubble, air blast on face, aroma and fire in synchronisation with the film clips, said Ankur Maheshwari, whose firm set up the 7D facility at the theatre.

Suren Mahapatra, director of Amazing 7D Rider Cinema said, “Imagine you are watching Tom and Jerry but instead of being a viewer, you are a participant. When Jerry spills water on Tom, a water sprinkler attached to the seat will spray water at you. Again, if there is a scene of a storm, strobe lights in the theatre will recreate the effects of lightning. Cold smoke will simulate fog. There will be snowflakes and bubble effects, too. For some movies, various fragrances will be released at apt moments.”

He also said that all the films to be screened would be family-oriented. You can buy tickets from

Opening along with the theatre will be a hookah-cum-coffee bar that promises to become a hub for youngsters to unwind. (Source – The Telegraph)