Barsha Priyadarshini

Barsha Priyadarshini

Barsha Priyadarshini


Name – Barsha Priyadarshini

Sex – Female

Occupation – Actress

Date of Birth – August 7, 1984

Place of Birth – Orissa, India

Film Career – 2003 – Present

Marital Status – Unmarried

Barsha Priyadarshini (Mis-spelled as Barsa & Varsha Priyadarshini) is the No.1 oriya actress born in Bhubaneswar Orissa and studied from RD Womens College. She is active in oriya as well as bengali film industry. Her mother, Dipa Sahu was former oriya actress. Barsha was influenced by watching her mother in films. They are three sisters, among them Barsha is the youngest. Elder two sisters are married. Her mother is Brahmin and Father was Khandayat.


Barsha Priyadarshini started her filmy career in Ollywood with E Jugara Krushna Sudama and in Bengali, her first film was Jor of Swapan Saha in 2008. She is the most talented actress of Ollywood and got critical acclaim for her roles in films of both languages.


Balunga Toka (Coming Soon)
Kiese Dakuchi Kouthi Mate (2011)
Chhatire Lekhichi Tori Naa (2011)
Diwana (2010)
Aama Bhitare Kichhi Achhi (2010)
Subha Vivaha (2010)
Tu Thile Mo Dara Kahaku (2010)
Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei (2009)
Dhire Dhire Prema Hela (2009)
Prem Rogi (2009)
Nei Jaa Re Megha Mate (2008)
Bhagya Chakra (2008)
A Jugara Krushna Sudama (2003)
Agnisikha (2007)
E Mana Manena (2007)
Thank You Bhagban (2006)
Tate Mo Rana (2005)
Topae Sindura Di Topa Luha (2005)
Tu Mo Akhira Tara (2005)
Sabata Maaa (2003)
Suna Sankhali (2003)
Baazi (2005)


Tupur Tupur Bristi Pore (2011)
Hashi Khushi Club (2009)
Takkar (2008)
Golmaal (2008)
Lovestory (2008)
Jor (2008)

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