Dayanidhi Dahima – Film maker at Age 20

Dayanidhi Dahima - Young Film maker at the age of 20

Dayanidhi Dahima – Young Film maker at the age of 20

Through the ‘lens-eye’, he wants to see and showcase. The life that he lived and the life that the life around him. A student of Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), Dayanidhi Dahima is trying to portray what Bhubaneswar is for him, for the people around him and the drastic changes (modernisation) that the city has witnessed in the past few years. Everyone comes to the city with some expectations or at times no expectations.

The documentary will be the journey of these people whose life will be altered during their stay in the city. The students, the slum dwellers and also the rich and happening people of the city. The city has something for everyone, be it rich or poor and this is exactly what Dayanidhi will try to bring out through this short film. Creating and trying to inspire through his creation being his passion, he wants to reach out to the mass of the city and hopes for contribution from them in terms of ideas or concepts, to better his documentary.

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