ETv Oriya Live Online Streaming

etv oriya live

ETv Oriya

ETv Oriya Live Online Streaming

Etv Oriya is the first private oriya channel which is broadcasting 24/7 round the clock and provide digital infotainment. It is providing national level of programme productions taste to the oriya viewers in their bedroom. The first news, entertainment channel of Odisha is eTv Oriya.

Here you can see etv oriya live streaming from servers online.

ETv Oriya Live Online Streaming

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  1. Goutam Nayak says:

    Old is gold. eTV is the best oriya channel till date.

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  3. manguli charan Nayak says:

    OTv is best News Chanell

  4. Alekh Chandra says:

    Njoy the live streaming of Etv Odia here … Due to HD streaming it is taking more time to buffer …


  6. jafar says:

    i am watch on line

  7. BIKASH says:

    Add my site etv oriya tv chanel

  8. Satyaranjan says:

    Otv is the best channel in odisha

  9. susovan ray says:

    is r u ready programe in odiya is a dubbing programe. Why the judges,the anchors ,the participants r not co ordinated at the time of comments?

  10. i am ready for oriya programme and actors. so i have reply ur mail id immediatly action.