Mamata – Cash for Pregnant Women scheme in Urban Orissa now

Mamata Cash for Pregnancy Scheme

Cash for Pregnancy

The government had launched ‘Mamata’ cash-for-pregnancy scheme for rural women ahead of panchayat elections in 2011. It has benefitted rural women from weaker sections immensely. So now the scheme has been extended to urban areas. Chief minister Naveen Patnaik made the announcement on the occasion of Independence day.

Now urban women above 19 years of age will get Rs 5,000 in four installments during and after pregnancy in this scheme. These are Rs 1,500 after six months of pregnancy, Rs 1,500 after their child becomes three months, Rs 1,000 when the child is six months and another Rs 1,000 when the child attains nine months.

“The scheme will immensely benefit pregnant women in towns, especially those from the economically-weaker sections,” Naveen said. All women registered with the anganwadis except family members of government and public sector employees irrespective of their financial status are eligible to avail the benefit for the first two pregnancies.