Naveen Patnaik suspended Pyarimohan Mohapatra from BJD

naveen patnaik pyarimohan mohapatra

Naveen Patnaik suspended Pyarimohan Mohapatra from BJD today

Following reports that he was attempting to dethrone Naveen Patnaik as CM and BJD president, party MP Pyarimohan Mohapatra told a media conference yesterday, he was not strategizing to takeover. And also added that,”With my personality can it be limited to suspension or expulsion. Who can do it in this party? Who has the guts to do it? The BJD president has powers, but going by the party constitution it has to be ratified by the party’s state executive committee.”

But today, after arriving from UK tour, CM Naveen Patnaik suspended Pyarimohan Mohapatra from Biju Janata Dal. With him, some state ministers and MLAs are also suspended from party.

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  1. Santosh Sethi says:

    Dear Otv
    i like ur rescent new about Navin Patanik.He is the Real Hero of Oddisha,nobody came and defeat to BJD.and Never,LOng live ODDISHA LONG LIVE NAVIN PATNAIK
    Regards Santosh Sethi,Pune