Orissa Society of Americas 2012 Convention

Orissa Society of Americas 2012 Convention

OSA 2012 Convention

The 43rd Annual convention of the Orissa Society of the Americas (OSA) took place in Seattle during July 5-7, 2012. This year’s theme is “Eka Mana, Eka PrAna. Eka PrAnta, Eka Chinha”.

OSA is a non-political, non-profit and voluntary organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the promotion and propagation of Odia culture in North America, and brings together all people interested in Odisha through socio-cultural events and developmental activities.

This year’s convention venue, Seattle, is special not only because of the mesmerizing beauty of the Pacific Northwest but also the Port of Seattle recently established its first Indian sister port relationship in Odisha.

Every year OSA showcases Odia culture and heritage by hosting quality cultural shows & awesome artistic performances and competitions, business symposium and thematic, issue-based seminars. The Annual OSA convention promotes cultural diversity and understanding by integrating American and Odia values, provides a platform for Americans organizations doing business in India, and fosters friendship in between.

OSA 2012 inauguration song (Chinmaya Panda)

Media coverage here www.dropbox.com/OSA2012_OTV_COVERAGE_PART1.wmv

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  1. Chinu says:

    OSA 2012 inauguration song is a very nice composition. Hats off to composer and singer as well.