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Orissa Tours & Travels

If you want to see some scenic beauty, then make orissa tour or if you want to see incredible art, sculpture of past artisans, then make orissa tour. Orissa has many tourism spots with incredible scenary, uncomparable art. Orissa is full of temples, caves, sea beaches, waterfalls. You can choose any of them to tour odisha. These unique travel spots bring to you new enthusiasm and vigour in your body and mind. You must become refreshed after making a tour to orissa.

We have classified the tourist spots in various categories, you can chhose one of them. Check out the details of orissa tours packages given below.


This Orissa Tours includes visit to tribal villages in districts like Koraput, Rayagada, Malkanagiri, Kalahandi. You can see the living style of tribal people in orissa.


This Orissa Tours includes all the famous temples from all over orissa. First you can start your visit from Bhubaneswar, the temple city of orissa. More than hundred beautiful temples from which minimum 50 temples are 1000 years old.


In this orissa tours, you can visit first Puri sea beach. Then Gopalpur and Chandipur sea beach. Each one is different from other. You can enjoy the bright sun-light on the sand lap of sea beaches.


In this Orissa tours, you can visit Khandadhara, Sana Ghagara, Bada Ghagara, Duduma like waterfalls and listen the music of nature which is so beautiful and soothing to ears.