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oriya music

Oriya Music

Oriya Music Mp3 Free Download Online

Music of Orissa termed as Oriya Music is one of the best regional music of India. It is one of the musical centre of South Asia with rich heritage of music here. Odissi music represents not only Odisha, but also India as a best classical music form in the international level. Odissi music follows Hindustani classical music style and complements the world famous Odissi dance of Orissa.

Oriya Music Online

Like culture, traditions in Orissa, music is also an integral part of people’s lifestyle here. Due to British rule, ignorance, no proper study, lack of presentation, the music heritage can’t come into limelight. But, now the scenario is different than before. The music of Orissa can be divided into five broad categories, like

  1. Tribal Music
  2. Folk Music
  3. Light Music
  4. Light Classical Music
  5. Classical Music

The tribal music comes from the various tribals living in hilly and jungle areas of Orissa. Folk songs can be listened on the occasion of festivals, specific rituals, like Kendara geeta, Kela keluni geeeta, Dalkhai geeta, Ghumura geeta, Ghoda naacha, Gopala Ugala etc. Oriya modern songs, album songs, filmy music, laghu sangeeta comes under light music and Bhajan, Janana, some of the modern & film music based on raagas can be grouped as Semi Classical or Light Classical Music. Chhanda, Champu, Odissi music are come under Classical music.

Oriya Music Mp3 Free Download

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