Oriya Natak staged on Annapurna Rangamancha

oriya natak

Oriya Natak staged on Annapurna Theatre

Oriya Natak ” Bhinna Eka Debadashi, Anya Eka Banshi ” was performed on the stage of Orissa’s oldest theatre Annapurna Rangamancha this friday. Spectators with packed hall enjoyed the nataka written by Natyashri Hadibandhu Sahu.

Jugaprasad Kanungo directed it with music of Natu. Actors who have acted in the Nataka are Vicky, Sanjib, sujit, Mamata, Minu Somanath, Ashok, Guruprasad, Debadarshi, Jayanti and Ram. The natak was staged as a part of the ‘ Nataka Dekhantu, Mancha Banchantu ‘ mission. The story of the natak based upon reincarnation and love after death.

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