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Oriya SMS

Send Oriya SMS messages in english language of 140 words or love letters or characters in 2011.

ଓଡିଆ ଏସ ଏମ ଏସ

” ମୁ କଣ ତମର ମନେ ପଡୁଛି
ମନେ ପଡିଲେ ବି,
ତମେ ଜାଣି ପାରିବନି ମୁଁ କିଏ
ମୁଁ ତ ଅଦିନିଆ ମେଘ
କେବେ ଆସେ ଆଉ ଯାଏ ! “

“Mun Kan Tamara, Mane Paduchhi

Mane Padile bi, Tame Jani Paribani Mun Kie

Mun ta Adinia Megha, Kebe Aase Aau Jae !”

Q – How to write SMS in Oriya and can we send it to friend’s mobile ?

Ans – Yes, you can do it through writing the sms in unicode using any of the available in web (WRITE IN ORIYA page in this site) and go to your Nokia PC Suite after connecting your phone to desktop or laptop. Then go to messages section and then write a new messge option. Copy the sentence from odia unicode editor and paste there. Put your friends number and send it. But, the problem is that your friend’s mobile should support unicode. Now the mobile sets available in market are unicode friendly.