Pritam Panda nominated for Murex Fashion Awards

Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Pritam Panda has been nominated for the 12th Murex Global Fashion Awards, to be held in Italy on February 21.

The designer, a resident of Balasore town, has been nominated under two categories – “Youth Ispirazione-2012” and “Best Woman’s wear-Foreign Designer label”. Panda said he was the first Indian to be nominated for the Murex Global Fashion Awards.

The nominations came in recognition of his work in India, France, UAE and other countries in the Middle East.

He was nominated for the “Best Woman’s wear-Foreign Designer label” category for his haute couture presentation and widespread popularity of his labels: Pritam Panda, Couture for Cause, Prakshi and P4PP in 14 countries.
Pritam Panda
The award ceremony would be held at Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli hotel in Naples, in Italy.

“I am overwhelmed at the nominations. It will definitely encourage me to work more. Let’s hope for the best in the award ceremony,” a delighted Pritam said.

Panda, the son of an eminent architect Pradyota Panda and Minakshi Panda, has ventured into promoting Odia hand-woven silk fabric with his signature surface ornamentations through sampling for fashion houses overseas. (Source – The Times of India)