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Radio Choklate 104 FM

Radio Choklate 104 FM

Radio Choklate 104 FM :: Dhum Mitha

Radio Choklate 104 FM (Dhum Mitha) is Orissa or Odisha’s apna No. 1 FM channel born on 2007 from Eastern Media Pvt Ltd entertainment division. It provides pure Oriya Music, Entertainment, Information, Events, Social Events, Weather report for people of Odisha.



No Program Title Play RJ Details
1 Side Please Not Available
2 Rangabati Not Available
3 Old is Gold Not Available
4 Geet Gata Chal Not Available
5 Evening Chutku Chuta Not Available
Love Passenger
Aau Eka Nua Dina
Anubhaba Anumaan
Gitare Gita
Vande Utkal Janani - State Song of Orissa
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