Rakhi Purnima 2012 Date

Rakhi Purnima 2012

Rakhi Purnima 2012

Rakhi Purnima is otherwise called as Raksha Bandhan (the bond of protection). The festival falls on the full moon day of the Shravan month of the Hindu lunisolar calendar. Rakhi festival is celebrated to make the relationship between brothers and sisters more stronger. In 2012, Rakhi Purnima will be celebrated on 1st August.

The festival is marked by the tying of a rakhi, or holy thread, which comes in many colors and designs , by the sister on the wrist of her brother. The brother in return offers a gift to his sister and vows to look after her as she presents sweets to him.

Rakhi Purnima became popular after Rani Karnavati, the widowed queen of Chittor, sent a rakhi to the Mughal emperor Humayun when she required his help.

Rakhi Purnima 2012 Date is 1st August

Rakhi Purnima is also celebrated as Shri Baladeva birth Ceremony, to worship cows and moon. It is called as Gamha Purnima in Orissa (Odisha).

Rakhi Purnima 2012 Wallpapers

rakhi purnima wallpapers

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Rakhi Purnima 2012 SMS

Rakhi SMS for Brothers

  • Brothers are like streetlights along the road, they don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.
  • You were always my best friend, looking out for me, making sure the path I traveled on was smooth. Even if I searched the world over, there cannot be a better brother than you. Wishing You Life’s Best Always.
  • We were always close, looking out for each other even when life led us along different paths… Like an invisible thread, our love binds us together, making sure we’ll remember where we came from and what we mean to each other. Wishing you a joyous Raksha Bandhan, Dear Brother.

Rakhi SMS for Sisters

  • Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.
  • Sister is someone who is caring and sharing. Sister can understand things you never said. She can understand pain which is not visible to anyone. I love my sister.
  • It leaves a smile on my face when I think of those trifling fights we had and suddenly used to make up. The memories may fade away with passing time but the love we share will only grow. Happy Raksha Bandhan, Dear Sister.

Rakhi Purnima 2012 Recipes

  • Banana Cutlets
  • Vermicelli Kheer
  • Vegetable Pancakes
  • Pakoras
  • Mal Pua
  • Khoya Burfi
  • Tamarind Rice

Rakhi Purnima 2012 Gifts

The brother usually presents his sister with an envelope filled with money however, other presents such as saris and dress. The brother and sister traditionally feed one another sweets. These sweets include anything from Jalebi, Gulab Jamun and Burfi.