Suna Besa Live Telecast Puri 2015

Suna Besa Live 2015

This year in 2015, Suna Besa of Lord Jagannath took place on 27 July (Monday). You can watch Sunabesa Jagannath live here from OTV, ETV Oriya, DD 6, Parthana, MBC TV here. The Suna Bhesa or Bada Tadau bhesa or Raja bhesa happens the day after the return of the Lords from Gundicha. Suna besha means Lord will dress-up with golden ornaments,weapons even not only that, all the devotees can see lord Jagannath’s incomplete hand and legs with completed golden arms, palms and feet. It is a glorious history lies behind this Suna Vesha.

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The name of the ornaments as per Local Language as follows.

Sunabesa Jagannath 2012 Live

Lord Balabhadra

Sri Payar ( Foot ), Sri bhuja ( Hand) Sri Kirit Odhiyani Kundar (Ear Ring ), Surya ,Chandra , Adakani. Different bides like Khagada, Kadamba, Tilaka chandrika Alaka, Ghoba Kanthi, Hala Musala ( Weapons ) Bahada Mali

Goddess Subhadra

Kiriti, Odiani, Kana, Surya, Chandra, Ghagada mali, Kadamba Mali, Tadagi and Sevati mali.

Lord Jagannath

Sri Payar ( Foot ), Sri Bhuja, li Kiriti, Odiani, Chandra Surya, Kana, Adakari, Ghagada Mali, Kadamba Mali, Tilak, Chandrika, Alaka, Jhobakanthi, Chandra Surya, Swarna Chakra, Ropya Sankha, Harida, Kadamba Mali ( bids ), Sevati Mali.

Lord Jagannath Suna Besa Wallpaper

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