Interview with Barsha Priyadarshini about ‘Chhati Tale Ding Dong’ film

Watch this interview with Ollywood actress Barsha Priyadarshini about her recently released Odia film ‘Chhati Tale Ding Dong’ here.

Barsha shared her experience of working with Archita for the first time in any Odia movie. She has also worked with Sabyasachi after so many years.

During this year’s Durga Puja, Barsha’s new film ‘Chhati Tale Ding Dong’ released with Anubhav’s new film ‘Baby’ and both are competing with eachother in the box-office.

Barsha also shared a news that there is an offer to act with Babushan in an upcoming film. It is not finalised yet. If the story is good, then she will act with any hero in Ollywood.

She is a big fan of Salman Khan. Barsha wants to make her dream project Luv U Salman in a big scale. She wishes every film released in Dussehra best of luck.

Watch Barsha Priyadarshini’s interview about ‘Chhati Tale Ding Dong’ film below.

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