Kohinoor diamond’s Odisha connection with Jagannath

Do you know the Odisha connection of Kohinoor diamond, one of the world’s largest diamonds, originally from India, which today adorns the crown of the British monarch.

According to a letter preserved in the National Archives in New Delhi, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who ruled large parts of northern India in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, had offered the Kohinoor, to Lord Jagannath. The British, however, took away the diamond from Ranjit Singh’s son, Dalip Singh, in 1849.

A day after informing the Supreme Court that the much fabled Kohinoor diamond was ‘gifted’ to the East India Company, the Centre turned around the next day to claim instead its deep “resolve to make all possible efforts to bring back the Kohinoor Diamond”.

Rounds of meetings have already begun between the ministry of external affairs, culture ministry and the law ministry to prepare an ‘action plan’ for the retrieval of the fabled stone. The only route found so far is the ‘amicable’ one and with good reason.

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