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Lembu Pani Re Charcha web series on casting couch and chit fund

Watch new Odia web series ‘Lembu Pani Re Charcha’ which is a satirical and a third view presentation of the casting couch and chit fund link with Ollywood.

Youtube has been a popular and convenient medium for entertainment and some Odia guys are all set to use this platform to change the dynamics of Odia Entertainment Industry.

In last few months, we have been hearing the news of Casting Couch in Ollywood, Chit Fund scam etc. Every story has a third side and the sarcastic sides of these stories are converted into a newsroom discussion by TYSCL in their 3rd video.

The host Prabhanjan is after a research acholar Mr. No Name with his questions and the scholar is bringing a different side to the entire questions.

While we are not sure if the answers are true but they are sarcastic for sure. The idea of Lembu pani re Charcha is creative and the preparation style makes it desi.

You can watch this video below.

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