Maasooq odia film song video feat. Anubha and Anshuman

Watch Maasooq odia romantic song video featuring Anubha and Anshuman from ‘Samaya Bada Balaban’ odia film here.

Song – Maasooq (Tate Delkhi Dele)
Singers –
Music Director – Abhijit Majumdar
Lyrics by – Nirmal Nayak
Starring – Anshuman, Anubha Sourya
Choreography – Lubun-Tubun
Director – Muralidhara
Producer – Pupinder Singh
Movie – Samaya Bada Balaban (2015)
Editor – Tubun (LT)

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Anubha and Anshuman odia film song

Maasooq is the third song from Samaya Bada Balaban film, which is released online today.

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