Mari Deli Khapara Kati song video with dance by Susmita Das

Watch Mari Deli Khapara Kati song video from ‘Gotie Sari’ odia album, performed by Susmita Das and dancers from Grey Scale Academy on stage here.

Song – Mari Deli Khapara Kati
Singer – Susmita Das
Music & Lyrics by – Omprakash Mohanty

Album – Gotie Sari
Genre – Odia Folk Music
Choreography – Biyot Prajna Tripathy
Language – Odia

Gotie Sari is a collection of Odia folk songs sung by singer Susmita Das and music composed by Omprakash Mohanty. There are 8 songs in the collection and each based on a different and prolific folk music pattern of the world.

WATCH: Gotie Sari is a beautiful Odia song by singer Susmita Das

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