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Nua Gita Nua Swara – Sarthak TV Singing Talent Hunt Show

Nua Gita Nua Swara is Sarthak TV channel’s new and unique singing talent hunt show where the participants have to perform a virgin composition which has never been recorded anywhere for any public listening.

This show will witness the freshness of new lyrics, new composition and a new voice.

For pre-auditions and audition phases, the team of ‘Nua Gita Nua Swara’ travelled to different districts of Odisha to handpick the budding hidden talents of Odisha and groom them to become professionals by the end of the show.

Radhakanta Nanda was the judge and anchor during pre-auditions while the auditions will be judged by music directors Manmath Mishra, Bikash Das, Debashish Mohapatra, Srikant Gautam, Shaurin Bhatt and Sailabhama Mahapatra.

Ollywood film stars, serial actors and famous singing personalities like Sritam Das and Debasish Patra will be invited in every episode.

Pupul Bhuyan and Ananya Ojha are the anchors of Nua Geeta Nua Swara.

Sarthak TV began telecast of Nua Gita Nua Swara show from 26 January 2015 on 10 pm.