Odia girl’s Doodle for Google depicts Odisha’s rich culture

Odia girl Navya Pradhan has made a beautiful Doodle for Google on Odisha that portrayed the rich culture of the state.

Participating in the Google Doodle competition, the 8 year old girl from Odisha, who lives in Texas, USA created a beautiful google doodle themed “Odisha : An Eastern Indian state by Bay of Bengal”.

This small girl has created a jaw dropping design which Google has appreciated . An eye opener which takes you in a journey where every alphabet identifies the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.

The letter G is intricately decorated with the jhoti, inclusive of the Laxmi paada. O is the famous Konark Chakra representing the chariot wheel of the famous Konark Temple. The second O represents the face of Lord Jaganath the deity of Odisha. The following word G is from the Odissi dance with the posture of a shringara nayika in the darpani mudra. L shows a young girl swinging from a tree portraying Raja utsav the Odia festival which is celebrated with much fanfare by unmarried Odia girls. It ends with the alphabet E which shows two fishes and a bowl of Rasagolas much loved by Odias.

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Odia girl Doodle for Google

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