Laptops @ Rs 5000 : Breaking Tech News from Orissa

iWebleaf laptops @ Rs 5000

Bhubaneswar : Can you believe that a laptop with 10.2 inch LED wide screen, 320 GB hard disk, 1 GB RAM, 1.3 megapixel camera, 3 cells 2200mAh Li-battery, GMA 950 integrated graphic card costs below Rs 5000 ? But,it is true. Two young student innovators from BPUT Orissa, Chandrasekhar Panda and Saswat Swain made it possible.

Speaking over the innovation Chandrasekhar says, “iWEBLEAF laptop is designed and passed the CE certification process and we are working out to provide inbuilt Anti-Theft technology on the laptop itself by using the GSM technology so that the laptop can be tracked easily. He added currently no laptop in India is purely using Anti-theft technology where as we are working to make some modification on our laptop so that it can’t be boot if the SIM module is tampered or fabricated by any means.”

Another innovator Saswat says, “We have tried out best possible option to reduce the price of the laptop even the processor is designed in the college lab itself named DXA 16 and its equivalent to Intel Atom N450 processor. Some parts like keyboard and inbuilt speaker are fabricated through the help of some MNCs and it takes around 10 month to shape our idea into a reality.”

These two young innovators have already approached various ministries to initiate the process of R&D in Orissa itself but as on today they are waiting for state governments’ positive node over the issue.