Anti Hero in Ollywood

Anti Hero in Ollywood

Anti Heroes in Ollywood – Odia Film Industry

The anti hero is a complex construction who defies current grammars, grammatically. He’s someone who must be on the same scale as the hero and command equal credibility or sympathy. The difference lies in the way he questions the framework of values. He violates them, laughs at them, but it’s a performance that demands both affinity and competence. The anti-hero does not have to apologise for his being.

The anti hero stands between the hero and the villain creating a third genre which possesses the aura of the hero and a particular quality of villainy. Yet, he is not a tragic figure. He represents an alternative world. He is both a foil and a match to the hero and a threat to him. He can’t be a wimp who loses the fight but must make an arrogant getaway or accept defeat while mocking the system.

We compiled a list of some of anti-heroes of recent odia films giving points for originality, subtlety, charm and sheer evil genius.

Sabyasachi in Mu Sapanara Soudagara.

Siddhant in Alo Mora Kandhei.

Budhaditya in Nandini I Love You.

Sunil Kumar in Rakate Lekhichi Naa.

Dusmanta in A Mana Manena.