Archita Sahu

Archita Sahu

Archita Sahu Oriya Actress Biography

Full Name – Archita Sahu
Sex – Female
Occupation – Actress
Date of Birth – June, 1990
Place of Birth – Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
Film Career – 2005 – Present
Marital Status – Unmarried
Height – 5 ft 10 inch

Archita Sahu Oriya Actress – Profile

Archita Sahu started her acting journey when she was studying in D.M School. In 10th Standard, she got an offer from director Sanjay Nayak and accepted to act as main lead in the oriya film “O My Love”. After that she acted in many succcessful oriya movies. She is the most talented oriya actress of recent times.

Archita Sahu is also a trained Odissi dancer. She also won national scolarship for Odissi. She is crowned as Miss Kalinga in 2004. Now Archita is continuing her B.Tech at KIIT University. She is also state level ambassador of UNICEF and Government of Orissa for ‘Eradication of Child Labour’.

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Archita Sahu Oriya Actress Movies List

Thookool (Upcoming)
2011 – Chocolate
2010 – Loafer
2010 – Tora Mora Jodi Sundara
2010 – Aalo Mora Kandhei
2009 – Pagala Karichi Paunji Tora
2009 – Keun Dunia Ru Asila Bandhu
2009 – Akase Ki Ranga Lagila
2008 – Mate Ani Dela Lakhye Faguna
2008 – Mu Sapanara Soudagar
2007 – To Pain Nebi Mu Sahe Janama
2007 – To Bina Mo Kahani Adha
2006 – De Maa Shakti De
2006 – Babu I love You
2005 – O My Love

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