Babusan in IDIOT as Sanju

Babusan in IDIOT as Sanju

Babusan in IDIOT as Sanju (Screen Name)

In Bollywood, we have seen that in many superhit films of Salman Khan, his screen name is ‘Prem’. Similarly, Shahrukh Khan’s favourite screen name is ‘Rahul’ & ‘Raj’. Now, Ashok Pati is trying to bring similar trend in ollywood with Babusan, the young superstar.

He has casted Babusan in three of his films ‘Sanju Aau Sanjana’,’Loafer’ & now in ‘Idiot’ as “Sanju” (screen name). Among these films, first two are superhits. Now wait for the third film IDIOT’s release and see how it is making business in Box Office.





Babusan in IDIOT as Sanju – IDIOT – I Do Ishq Only Tumse Oriya Film – Ashok Pati Odia Movie

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