Daha Balunga review

Daha Balunga oriya film review

Daha Balunga oriya film review

Director – Sudhakar Vasanth
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues – Bapu Goswami
Starring – Babushan, Sanjana, Jackie Shroff, Bijay Mohanty, Tandra Ray, Aparajita, Soniya, Pintu Nanda
Rating – 3/5

When Pupinder signed Babushan and Sudhakar Vasanth for “Daha Balunga”, people’s expectation doubled from this film. Then story writer Bapu Goswami claimed it to be an original story. Rajshri Productions of Bollywood also attached with the project later. Abhijit Majumdar scored music for the film. Since people’s expectations were so high, let’s see the film scored in which departments?


Babushan is a mischievous boy (Daha Balunga) studying in a college. He is poor in study. He and his four friends are showing fondness for causing trouble to others. He falls in love with a girl of his college, played by Sanjana Mitra. She is the daughter of Jackie Shroff and Aparajita is her mother. Her father is a very powerful man. Bijay Mohanty and Tandra Ray are the father and mother of Babushan in the film.

Bijay Mohanty is a lawyer, who always fights for justice to poor people. Due to some reason, Jackie Shroff murders hero’s father and mother. He thought that Babushan is also dead with his family, but hero survived and returned to take revenge. After return, he saw that his lover Sanjana is happily married with another man. Watch the film to know what happened next!


Babushan has acted very well in his dual avatar. His comedy and serious acting are equally good. Bijay Mohanty, Tandra Ray, Aparajita, Jackie Shroff and Pintu Nanda are very good in their respective roles. Two actresses, Sanjana Mitra and Soniya Sarkar Dey are fine.

Sudhakar Vasanth’s direction is okay. Bapu Goswami’s screenplay and dialogues are average. Abhijit Majumdar’s music is okay with a song or two sounding melodious. Camera work is fine and the production values are good.


On the whole, Daha Balunga is a fairly good Rath Yatra release with all the commercial ingredients. The film could have been better. It is okay for a one-time watch.