Kaunri Kanya 3D Oriya Horror Film

Kaunri Kanya

Kaunri Kanya Oriya Movie 3D

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Release Date – 27 September 2013
Language – Oriya/Odia
Genre – Horror
Shooting Locations – Orissa/Odisha

Kaunri Kanya Cast & Crew

Producer – Ramya Ranjan
Director – Soumya Ranjan Sahu
Star Cast – Kavya, Payal, Soumya, Rehan, Ashutosh, Bighna, Ardhendu, Sudipta
Special Appearance – Prakruti Mishra in a dance sequence for a song
Lyricists – Soumya Ranjan
Music Director – Satya, Mithun
Singers –
Story – Ramya Ranjan
Dialogues – Soumya Ranjan Sahu
Screenplay – Soumya Ranjan Sahu
Editor –
Cinematographer –
Choreographer –

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Kaunri Kanya Preview

Kaaunri Kanya means, a girl possessed through kaaunri bidya (black magic). This
film is based on village legends & supernatural myths claiming to be true. It depicts the superstitious
beliefs prevailing in the rural parts and where even now such practices of witchcraft and sorcery are
taken seriously. These superstitions also lead to killing of innocent in the names of practicing black
magic. It weaves in the blind beliefs and existence of supernatural powers seamlessly questioning
whether these are just superstitions or something real and unseen beyond our visual & sensory realm.
Synopsis: This story revolves around Riya and her Doctor husband Akash who is transferred to a rural
location. Some unnatural events start occurring in their daily lives and making Riya the most affected of
it and getting possessed. With the help of Dr.Rajiv, a senior psychiatrist, Akash discovers a reason behind
the occurrences and comes to know about a village boy Ravi & his love interest Anusuya who was killed
by the villagers blaming her of witchcraft. This film takes you forward with events that led to her killing
and how Akash overcomes the possession of Riya.


First Odia 3D Horror film
First 3D underwater scene
Technically and technologically sound
Original Background scoring
Average age of cast and crew is 25years


Shooting & dubbing for the film is complete with a special appearance by teen sensation
Prakruti Mishra in a dance sequence. The film introduces Kavya, Payal, Soumya, Rehan, Ashutosh,
Bighna, Ardhendu, Sudipta as prime characters. Filming was done at a village called Surangi in the
interiors of Berhampur. The film is currently in its post-production stage. Considering the effort and time
it will take for Editing, 3D processing & Digital Interlacing they plan to release it within next 2months.
Director, Mr. Soumya Ranjan Sahu, was insisted to make the film in 3D by the producer as he was
overwhelmed by the script and knew it had thorough potential. To tide over the shortage of
stereoscopic 3D enabled theaters, the producer, Mr.Ramya Ranjan, who also happens to contribute the
story of the film, has planned to release it all over on an anaglyphic 3D format, ensuring the effort &
experience reaches maximum audience.

There is a lot of technical and technological proficiency involved utilizing state-of-art Visual & sound
effects and several more things that the Odia audience will experience for the first time points out son,
an Asst. Director. ‘One of the advantages of working with the young cast and crew was the energy and
the bit of experimentation that the director could do with the characters’ says Eva Etti, Asst. Director.
The filmmakers and the complete crew and cast claim to frighten the viewers out of their seats in this
first ever horror flick in Odia to be released in 3D.

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