Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu Review

Mo Dunia Tu Hin Tu review

Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu Film Review

Cast : Anubhav, Barsha, Sidhant & Salil
Director : Sudhakar Vasanth
Rating : ****
Duration 183:57 min

Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu is a beautiful film with a social message at the end. Sudhakar Vasanth directed it well (no south style). Anubhav, Barsha, Sidhant and other actors justified their roles completely.

Surprise packet of the movie is Salil’s comedy. Barsha Priyadarshini acted very well in emotional scenes. Anubhav scored well in comedy scenes. Sidhant’s performance is also very good. Jiban Panda, Pruthiraj Nayak, Pratibha Panda, Prabhati Sahu and child artists have given decent performances.

Music is an integral part of the storyline. There are 7 songs in the film. Malay Mishra composed all songs beautifully. All songs are fantastic. Ira Mohanty’s voice is mesmerising. Lyrics are also very well written by Basant Raj Samal and Arun Mantri. This could be the best music of 2013.

No double-meaning dialogues, no item number, no nudity in the film. Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu is a musical family entertainer. Must watch!





Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu Review