Patriotism in Oriya Movies

Patriotism in Oriya Films

Patriotism in Oriya Movies – Odia Films

Mainstream Films based upon freedom fighters never made in Oriya. But some oriya movies are influenced by patriotism like ‘Stree’ made in 60s. Ganga je deshe bahe, is a popular patriotic song featured in this film. Bhai Bhauja, Sansara and Balidana are other oriya films, where patriotism is seen onscreen. Bahi jaye re ganga – ude triranga, is also a popular song from the movie Balidana. In recent past, ‘I Love My India’ starring Budhaditya and Namrata made with a patriotic concept. But, odia movies should be made upon real life freedom fighters like Bira Surendra Sai, Chakhi Khuntia, Laxman Nayak and others, from which current generation may find the real taste of patriotism.