Preeti Jhangiani, Rahul Roy in Oriya Film

Preeti Jhangiani, Rahul Roy in Oriya Film

Preeti Jhangiani, Rahul Roy in Oriya Film Gangstar

Latest hot news in ollywood is that bollywood actors Preeti Jhangiani, Rahul Roy, Gajendra Chauhan (mahabharat) may star in Oriya Film Gangster with actor Arindam Roy. Gangstar movie is directed by Tanmay Patra, produced by Jagat Ranjan Mangaraj under the banner Sai Vinayak Entertainment.

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Preeti Jhangiani – She made her Bollywood debut in 2000 with Mohabbatein.

Rahul Roy – Rahul began his acting career in the 1990 film Aashiqui, a Mahesh Bhatt production as the lead actor with newcomer Anu Agarwal. It was a hit and made him a popular actor.

Gajendra Chauhan – He is an Indian actor who is best known for his portrayal of the eldest pandava “Yudhishthira” in the Mahabharat (TV series).

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Preeti, who has just finished shooting for her Bengali debut, is too surprised with her name being dropped in the context of an Odia movie. “I have never been to Odisha and haven’t even heard the name of the movie. It’s news to me that I am supposed to do an Odia film.”

Arindam, who is now shooting in Kolkata for “Target Kolkata”, asks “Who said I am doing “Gangster”? Neither am I doing this movie nor have I met any director with such an offer.”

Meanwhile, Rahul admits that Jagannath Das, the choreographer of his film, “Mujrim”, had told him about doing an Odia movie. “I needed to meet the producer and director to finalize the details. But no one landed up in Mumbai and, hence, there is no question of me starring in the movie as yet.”