Rali Nanda

Rali Nanda

Rali Nanda Oriya Actress Biography

Full Name – Rali Nanda
Sex – Female
Occupation – Actress
Date of Birth –
Place of Birth – Dhenkanal, Orissa, India
Film Career –
Marital Status – Unmarried

Rali Nanda – Profile

Rali Nanda is from Dhenkanal, studied in Dhenkanal Autonomous College. Her first film was Akase Ki Ranga Lagila. She enacted the sister character of Anubhav in that movie.

Rali Nanda is a trained classical odissi dancer. Now she is doing a bilingual film Maa Khoje Mamata in oriya and Mor Dularaba in Chhatisgarhi language.

Rali Nanda Oriya Movies List

Oriya Films

Maa Khoje Mamata (Coming)

Kalinga Putra

Akase Ki Ranga Lagila

Chhatisgarhi Films

Mor Dularaba (Coming)

Rali Nanda Oriya Actress Wallpapers

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Rali Nanda – Movie Songs

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Rali Nanda Oriya Actress

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