Roomku Jhumaana Movie Mahurat

Roomku Jhumaana Oriya Movie Mahurat

Roomku Jhumaana Oriya Movie Mahurat

Our favourite comedian Harihara Mohapatra is coming with a new concept movie titled as “Roomku Jhumaana”. Nepali beauty Soujanya will be the female lead in the film. Mahurat of the cinema held on 10 September where many prominent film personalities were present. The first look poster also had been unveiled at the event.

“The movie is a highly sensitive and emotional story. There will be no violence, sex, romance in the movie. It’s a complete family movie. I guarantee the whole family can sit and watch this movie together”, Harihar Mohapatra said on the occasion.

Movie – Rumku Jhumana
Concept, Visualisation & Creation – Harihara Mohapatra
Screenplay & Direction – Tapas Sargharia
Music – Baidyanath Das





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