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sriya swati stutee complex

Sriya Swati Stutee Ticket Booking

After Maharaja hall, Sriya-Swati-Stutee Cine Complex also started their own website for online ticket booking. Now moviebuffs can book tickets directly from this site. The site address is

Sriya, Swati & Stutee combinely known as Sriya Swati Cine Complex (P) Ltd., incorporated in the year 1986 , founded by Late Krushna Chandra Mohanty and Late Chandan Prava Mohanty is the only complex in the capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar.

Earlier, Sriya, Swati & Stutee were individually started in the years 1973, 1981 & 1989 respectively.

Thereafter the dream of founder Late Krushna Chandra Mohanty and Late Chandan Prava Mohanty became true by, Managing Director Sri Bijendra Kumar Mohanty’s sincere efforts to take this complex to a towering level to provide an ultimate cinematic experience to the people of our state.

As time passes, technology also creates it’s own path. Vision has always been to provide cine goers with premium quality cinema since last 39 years and they will continue to do so in the future. After withstanding for all these years, as a prestigious complex, there remains nothing to be proven but still they are determined to continue to serve people with the same degree of assurance with the economical movie ticket price, which can be affordable by the common people.

The main aim of the Management is to provide excellent Sound system, best lighting, comfortable push back chairs and all other accessories needed to entertain the cine goers of the state.

They have never been inclined towards a particular language or culture. India is a land of all religion and Odia is our mother tongue. The Management has decided to uplift Oriya culture and Odia Cinema by screening Oriya Movies continuously throughout the year in the Sriya Talkies, which is appreciable.