Watch: Puchuki Gali Fashion Wali music video with Odia rap

Puchuki Gali Fashion Wali, the superhit song of ‘Suna Panjuri’ has been recreated in the voice of Goutam Giri. And this time, the makers have added some Odia rap to it.

Song – Puchuki Gali Fashion Wali
Singer – Goutam Giri
Original Music Director – Amarendra Mohanty
Lyricist – Sirshananda Das Kanungo

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Rapper – Rishab
Cast – Munna & Lopa
Direction – Gourisankar

The song ‘Puchuki Gali Fashion Wali’ is a beautiful dance number, sung by Goutam Giri, music composed by Amarendra Mohanty and written by Sirshananda Das Kanungo.

Watch Puchuki Gali music video here.

Puchuki Gali Fashion Wali song

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