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To Sathire Jinbi song by Bishnu Mohan Kabi and Sailabhama

To Sathire Jinbi is a brand new Odia jatra song in the voices of Bishnu Mohan Kabi & Sailabhama Mohapatra and released by Eastern Media Entertainment recently.

Song – Jinle Jinbi To Sathire Jinbi
Singers – Bishnu & Sailabhama
Music Director – Baidyanath Dash
Lyrics – Bapu Goswami

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Opera – Eastern
Copyright – Eastern Media Entertainment

The song ‘To Sathire Jinbi’ is a beautiful romantic number, sung by Bishnu Mohan Kabi & Sailabhama, composed by Baidyanath Dash and written by Bapu Goswami.

Watch Jinle Jinbi To Sathire Jinbi song making video here.