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Adibhumi hindi film of Manoj Mishra and Lipi

Odia actors Manoj Mishra and Lipi are busy in shooting of upcoming hindi film “Adibhumi”, which depicts land acquisition and displacement for industrialization, has characters bearing strong resemblance to top Odisha politicians and bureaucrats.

Director and producer of the film Satyabrata Dwivedi, who has directed Odia TV serial ‘Patibrataa’ among others, said the two hour, 20-minutes film is a work of fiction and any resemblance with any individual is mere coincidence.

“The movie highlights the sufferings of people in the aftermath of displacement for projects. The story revolves around a family forced out of their village in the name of development. It has been set in the context contemporary eastern India,” Dwivedi said.

Adibhumi hindi film

Dwivedi said the movie was shot in various locations of Odisha. Odia actors Manoj Mishra, Lipi, Mangal, Anil Dhir, Sanu Rath and Saumen Pujhari have acted in the film. The hindi film will be ready for release by December.

A modest budget around Rs 2.5 crore has been spent on making the film, he said.

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