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Aditya Behera’s new music video ‘Ankahi’ viral on Youtube

Ankahi, a beautiful Hindi romantic song, rendered once again by Odisha boy Aditya Behera, has gone viral on Youtube. The music video was viewed 8 lakh times in just 7 days.

The video was on Youtube trending section for 3 days. While its music has been directed by Sudhansu and Himansu, the video is directed by Happy. You can watch the video below.

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Aditya Behera has acted in it as the hero along with his co-star Reeshika Mukherjee. Cinematography and editing of the four-minute video has been done by Happy.

Ankahi music video was released on Parbati Production youtube channel. Enjoy the good work by Odisha boys and bless them to create many awesome music videos in future.

Aditya Behera Ankahi music video

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