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Trailer and teaser videos of ‘Agastya’ movie starring Anubhav

After music release, official trailer and teasers of Odia movie ‘Agastya’ released online. The scenes in the promo are looking very much glossy and beautiful to eyes. Anubhav Mohanty, Jhilik, Akash Das Nayak, Manoj Mishra, Minaketan and Priyanka Patnaik are enacting important characters in Agastya.

The movie is produced by well-known NRI businessman Akshay Parija and directed by renowned Odia film director K Murali Krishna.

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Agastya’s music is scored by Ollywood’s musical maestro Prem Anand. Since, the movie treatment has a very realistic touch to it, the background score and the songs have been composed keeping in mind the tone of the film story.

Watch Agastya odia movie trailer here.

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