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Akshay Kumar Parija presents Bengali film ‘Rosogolla’ based on its origin

After announcing his plans about producing Bengali films, renowned Odia producer Akshay Kumar Parija came up with the trailer of his upcoming Bengali movie Rosogolla.

Though the story-line has not been defined yet, one can assume from the trailer that the movie may advocate Bengali origin of Rasagola, a popular Odia sweet. The trailer depicts Navin Chandra Das’s plight and struggle of inventing Rasagola. Watch the trailer here.

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Based on the real-life story of the inventor of the famous sweet ‘Rosogola’, the story is about the life and work of Nabin Chandra Das. A young man with a romantic heart and a brilliant mind, Nabin had set his heart on making the most delicious sweet of all time for his wife, Khirodmoni.

In his determination to create something new, Nabin Chandra faced many trial and tribulations, alienated himself from his loved ones but finally emerged victorious. Based in 19th century Bengal, Rosogolla is an innocent story of love, struggle and the human aspiration to do something new; releasing in December 2018.

On 14th November 2018, Akshay Kumar Parija revealed his plans to produce Bengali films as he was participating as a panelist in the ‘Media and Entertainment’ segment in the Make in Odisha Conclave.

Akshay Kumar Parija Rosogolla

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