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Akshay Mohanty’s wife Prabina Mohanty interview

Full interview video of Akshay Mohanty’s wife Prabina Mohanty, aired on Focus Odisha Rokthok program watch online here.

Manoranjan Mishra asked her questions about the controversy regarding making of biopic on Akshay Mohanty.

Prabina Mohanty recently charged director Susant Mani of making film ‘Smruti Tume’, based on the life and works of the legend, without even consulting or obtaining permission from her or her family members.

Prabina Mohanty wife of Akshay Mohanty

The objection to the film on the life of Akshay Mohanty stems from the fear that the personality could be shown in a wrong light. A film is for ever.

Any inaccurate depiction can tarnish his image permanently, impacting his family. If anybody wants to make a film on his life, it should be backed by consent and authorisation for the script by the family, she said.

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