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Another Girl lodged complaint against Sarathi for harassing her

Two days after a woman from Kendrapara filed an FIR against Sarathi Baba, another girl and her mother lodged a complaint with the Crime Branch accusing Srimad Sarathi Dev alias Santosh Kumar Raula of exploiting them both sexually and physically apart from defrauding them of their gold ornaments and money.

The girl’s lawyer claimed that the Baba had promised to marry her off to a suitable man and taken some gold and money for that. But the girl failed to find an alliance, the lawyer said.

Both claimed that they had been working at the Sarathi Ashram at Barimul village.

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“We mentioned in our complaint that the Baba had taken Rs 1.15 lakh from us. He has also taken away our gold ornaments, which include gold bangles, gold chain and gold ear rings. We have complained about the Baba outraging our modesty and shooting our objectionable photographs. We mentioned about being threatened by Sarat Sir to keep our mouth shut about the happenings at the ashram. We have been working there for about 15 years,” the daughter, with her face covered, told reporters outside the Crime Branch headquarters while her mother stood alongside her.

On being asked by reporters how the Baba took money from them, she said: “The Baba had taken the money to settle a land dispute case of ours. We had apprised him about the case. He had taken the money saying he will handle the case through a lawyer.”

Srimad Sarathi Baba

“We were threatened with our lives whenever we said that we would disclose the goings on at the ashram. The Baba threatened us with our lives by sending Sarat Sir to our home,” said the girl.

With today’s complaint, three women have filed complaints against the self-styled godman Sarathi Baba.

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