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Anupam Bharat ePaper today

If you landed here to read Anupam Bharat ePaper online, then welcome.

Click on the below link and read today’s edition of Anupam Bharat oriya news paper on www.anupambharatonline.com.

This news paper is first published in 1996, from Berhampur.

Late Kalicharan Panda founded Anupam Bharat.

Anupam Bharat ePaper

Now Anupam Bharat news paper is published from Bhubaneswar, Rayagada and Berhampur simultaneously.

It is more than a business venture. It is an institution. They have carved a niche for themselves and avoided being percieved as belonging to any particular political party or a specific ideology.

Click here to read Anupam Bharat ePaper online

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  2. Anupam Bharat is a best Newspaper which gives importance of local need:I wish all the best in this NewYear-2015

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