Audio of the girl who had gone to Hyderabad with Sarathi Baba

This is audio of the controversial girl who accompanied Sarathi Baba. She admitted the fact that She had gone to Hyderabad along with Srimad Sarathi.

The self-styled Baba, it may be noted, had claimed the day after the controversy broke that he had never gone to Hyderabad nor stayed with any woman there.

In the process, she also proved that her mother was also lying when she told media persons yesterday that her daughter had never gone to Hyderabad and was very much in her hostel during the period in question.

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The mystery woman said that she was forced to accompany the Baba by four inmates of the Baba’s Barimula ashram.

“They have been blackmailing me for close to four months now with a video they claim to have of me taking bath during my stay in the ashram. They have been constantly threatening to kill me. One of the four has four murder cases pending against him,” she said to Kanak TV.

Srimad Sarathi Baba

“Sarathi Baba is a godly figure for me and will remain forever. I am to be held responsible. He has no fault. I forced him to go on the trip as I was ill,” she added.

Asked if she would lodge an FIR against the people who were blackmailing her, the woman said she would do so soon.

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