Babli and Ardhendu promoted ‘A Aa Harsei’ on Focus Odisha

Babli (Abhipsha Panda) and Ardhendu Sundar promoted their upcoming Odia film ‘A Aa Harsei’ on Focus Odisha channel.

Here anchor asked both of them – how they got this film, what they have done before and what is the experience of working in this movie.

Both answered that – the film titled as A Aa Harsei by taking first letters of three main characters (Abinash, Asha and Emli).

Babli and Ardhendu of A Aa Harsei film

Both talked with fans who phoned them during the show. They shared their experience of working with director N Padhi.

Babli, Ardhendu and Srijla are enacting the main characters in A Aa Harsei.

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